The brutal truth about today’s hiring process…

The brutal truth is 75% of resume applicants are reviewed.  Most resume content fail to meet the criteria needed get in the hands of decision makers, i.e. networking directly with the company you’re applying too.

You have likely applied to and uploaded dozens of resumes only to hear nothing back.  Recruiters generally refer to this as the “Resume Black Hole” Lots of resumes go in and most never come back.

First it is important to understand how the process works. At the center of the “Resume Black Hole” problem is a piece of technology called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  The ATS was designed to streamline the flow of applicants for companies.  If you are applying to jobs online and uploading your resume, it is surely landing in an ATS.

ATS’s are inaccurate.  25% to 33% of all resumes are imported with errors and inaccurate information.  ATS screen and rank your resume against open positions.  If you are missing keywords or have a low “Skill to Keyword Ratio” you will be avoided.

Resumes that pass the ATS screen are generally sent to a gatekeeper, the first “human” who looks at your resume.  He or she spends about 30 seconds reading the resume before they decide to move it along to a Company Recruiter or Hiring Manager.  So getting your resume directly in the hands of the Hiring Manager or Recruiter is a desired outcome but requires a significant amount of preparation and accuracy in meeting the front end of this highly digital screening process.

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