Putting the Puzzle Together – Higher Education and Customer Engagement

Our colleges play an important role in educating our students and adult learners.  There are four (4) groups of people that higher education positively impact:

  1. Young people who are coming out of school looking for good jobs.
  2. Unemployed people that have learned a new skill and are looking for good jobs.
  3. Under skilled people who have improved their credentials and are looking for good jobs.
  4. Incumbent workers who are currently employed and are trying to grow into a better job.

All four (4) of these conditions revolve around the student, higher education providers and the hiring customer (i.e. employers, organizations). It’s sort of the “build great programs, educate students and employers will come.”

We found out in some cases this is true, however in most cases it is not.  In today’s competitive environment, students and adult learners are being consulted by colleges and workforce agencies about the degrees and certifications that will lead to more or better jobs with employers.  Yet employers are not participating in the process and many aren’t even aware about the talent that is available.  This could more of a marketing problem than it is a talent problem.

For example, when we get the opportunity to talk with employers or organizations, most of them aren’t aware of the college’s capabilities and how they can help them achieve their company goals and objectives.   Below are some of these capabilities that employers are excited to meet about:

  • Workforce Development – Only 24% of the employers we surveyed in 2016 are familiar with workforce development, contract training and continuing education programs. They want to know more….
  • Online Programming – Larger enterprise employers are constantly looking for cutting-edge, interactive online programs – programs they can license with and make available on their Learning Management System (LMS). They want to know more….
  • Co-Branded, Instructional Design and Curriculum Development – Employer’s need good curriculum designers especially for new, state-of-the-art products and services. They want to know more….
  • Foundations – What a great way for employers to get involved and contribute to a great cause – Educational Scholarships! They want to know more….
  • Job Recruiting – Believe it or not, most employers we talk with are not aware of things like job fairs, employer recruitment pools and who to contact. They want to know more….
  • Employer Tuition Assistance – For those employers who have tuition assistance programs, many colleges and universities are not participating and many are not aware that non degree certificates may be part of these programs. They want colleges to participate…
  • Federal, State or Local Workforce Training Grants – For employers or students that need assistance, most are not aware of what is available to them and how to apply.
  • Events – When we talk with employers about college hosted events, many want to participate and sponsor. They want to know more….

Put the power of your college to work and ask us how we’re helping some of the world’s most successful employers and organizations engage with their colleges and universities – and how we can help to do the same for you.

General Dynamics, NYC Department of Corrections, Interactive One, Verizon Safety and Environmental Health, Nestle Waters, The Highlands, Regional Transportation Authorities, Foursquare, Equinox, B-Reel, CPXI, Coca-Cola, Avtron Aerospace, Hyland Software, Jergens, Vitamix Corp,  Forum Energy Technologies, Lasco Enterprises, Chevron Phillips Chemical Co., Valero Energy, CST Brands and many, many more….

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