15 Important Reasons Why Community Colleges Should Be A “Solution Provider” for Customers


1 Experience – Colleges serve hundreds of businesses and government agencies in the counties they serve.


2 Recommendation – 95% of businesses and organizations that employ Community College graduates recommend community college education and training programs.


3 Responsive – Immediate and attentive response to business – employee educational training needs.


4 Accessibility – Access to real-world, high quality subject-matter-instructors (SMI).


5 Diversity – A wide range of Subject Matter Instruction and course programming to fulfill your requirements.


6 Customization – Offer customized training, from selecting the best “real world” instructor to co-developing targeted curriculum/content – establishing the best training environment for business employees.


7 Flexibility – Efficient and effective ground-based, online, hybrid and/or blended learning environments.


8 Results – Performance Tracking and 360 degree improvement practices.


9 Partnerships – Works within a Community College network of over 1200 Community Colleges across the US.


10 Economy – Community College instruction can add millions in annual earnings to the business’s local economy.


11 Loyalty – Over 90% of Community College students and adult learners either live or stay in the region and contribute to the local economy.


12 Stability – A proven track record of having successfully worked with small, medium, enterprise businesses and federal, state and local government agencies.


13 Local Investment – On average, over 75% of Community College’s Operating Budgets are reinvested in the counties they serve.


14 State Investment – Every tax dollar invested in Community Colleges yield the highest return in the state they reside in.


15 Recognition – Regional and local recognition associated with a highly respected community college.

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The Learning Strategy, Inc.

A Story about Charlie – Employee Training that goes beyond Learning!

I wanted to share a story about Charlie, a 62 year old technician from a large Fortune 20 telecom company.  At the time, Charlie told me he couldn’t retire soon because he recently took custody of his grandson.  So Charlie signed up for a Community College certification course through his company that was customized program to help install, troubleshoot and connect computers onto the company’s new fiber-optic network.  This was a 16 week class, meeting 2 days week for 3 hours per session.  It was both a theory and hands-on based class.


I met Charlie when he registered for the program and I constantly checked in on the class to see how the class was going and how Charlie was doing. Well, Charlie loved the course and his instructor told me Charlie was the best performer in the class, always arrived early and most of the time took all of his computer equipment home with him.  Also, his positive enthusiasm towards learning actually was infectious throughout the whole class.  In fact, the instructor wished he had his on-going energy and positive outlook!


At the end of the training, the college would celebrate with a small graduate ceremony.  We would invite both the college’s senior staff and the client’s staff to congratulate the technicians for the successful completion of the program.  Each person would come to the podium to receive their certificate of achievement.


When Charlie’s name was mentioned, Charlie walked up to the podium and asked if he could speak a few words to the audience.  Charlie spoke about his grandson being in and out of juvenile detention centers, nobody caring for him, always in trouble and never was interested in anything.  When Charlie was bringing his books and equipment home, he noticed his son started to take an interest in what he was doing.  He started learning about computer hardware, operating systems and networking with Charlie.  He stopped going out and started to work with Charlie in repairing and maintaining computers…


In registering for this course, Charlie, never in his wildest dreams thought his grandson would have any interest in computers and he was so proud of how a course like this helped to create a wonderful bond at this stage of his life!  This meant more to him than the actual training and certificate he received.


Today, Charlie is semi-retired and works for his grandson who owns a computer repair and maintenance store in Tampa, FL…