15 Important Reasons Why Community Colleges Should Be A “Solution Provider” for Customers

  1 Experience – Colleges serve hundreds of businesses and government agencies in the counties they serve.   2 Recommendation – 95% of businesses and organizations that employ Community College graduates recommend community college education and training programs.   3 Responsive – Immediate and attentive response to business – employee educational training needs.   4 […]

A Story about Charlie – Employee Training that goes beyond Learning!

I wanted to share a story about Charlie, a 62 year old technician from a large Fortune 20 telecom company.  At the time, Charlie told me he couldn’t retire soon because he recently took custody of his grandson.  So Charlie signed up for a Community College certification course through his company that was customized program to […]

September 2016 College – Workforce Development Benchmark Results – AIDA

Here’s a summary of the AIDA Survey and Benchmark Results – Executive Summary of the groundbreaking research done by The Learning Strategy, Inc. College and Customer gap analysis that includes Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action (AIDA) in the degree and workforce development area. Please contact The Learning Strategy, Inc for the full report and scheduling any […]

Putting the Puzzle Together – Higher Education and Customer Engagement

Our colleges play an important role in educating our students and adult learners.  There are four (4) groups of people that higher education positively impact: Young people who are coming out of school looking for good jobs. Unemployed people that have learned a new skill and are looking for good jobs. Under skilled people who […]

The brutal truth about today’s hiring process…

The brutal truth is 75% of resume applicants are reviewed.  Most resume content fail to meet the criteria needed get in the hands of decision makers, i.e. networking directly with the company you’re applying too. You have likely applied to and uploaded dozens of resumes only to hear nothing back.  Recruiters generally refer to this […]

Community Colleges: If You Want To Engage with Employers, Rethink Your Marketing Strategy and Business Outreach Efforts.

When employers think of a Community College, they usually think of a place for a student to receive a quality two year education at an affordable price.  My experience talking with business executives about colleges in their local community is almost always favorable – “I received my 2-year degree at a community college or my son […]

bHarmony – Happy Valentine’s Day!

bHarmony – Happy Valentine’s Day! Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I only thought it to be appropriate to discuss the bHarmony concept – a service concept within the business industry to combine a scientific and human approach connecting colleges, businesses and non-profits together.  The bHarmony idea is based on both the buyer’s and seller’s interest. Traditional […]

The Admissions Perspective

The Admissions Perspective: How Academic Leaders Are Facing a Continuously Changing State Of Admissions is based on the survey results of enrollment leaders at four-year, not-for-profit Higher Educational Institutions. These fall into a selected group of classifications developed by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement Teaching. Maguire Associates, of Concord, Mass. invited random samples of enrollment […]