bHarmony – Happy Valentine’s Day!

bHarmony – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I only thought it to be appropriate to discuss the bHarmony concept – a service concept within the business industry to combine a scientific and human approach connecting colleges, businesses and non-profits together.  The bHarmony idea is based on both the buyer’s and seller’s interest.

Traditional Internet search can be challenging for organizations who are looking for customized solutions.  But bHarmony is not just a technology platform.  It should be converged with your human network in meeting and contracting with organizations who want and many times are excited to meet with you!  What does that mean?

 Japan calls it a “keiretsu” a family of businesses and organizations. These families may include a college, a manufacturing company, a bank, a transportation company and distribution companies that develop plans to conduct business with one another. Keiretsu  strategic partnerships among several companies and organizations rather than between just two.  We help to bridge those relationships together.   Jeff Roth, President

The bHarmony concept are organizations that are committed to find, select and approach new customers every day…   With over one hundred thousand businesses, colleges and non-profits, we are confident there are plenty of needs and wants.

bHarmony starts by narrowing the field of thousands of leads to determine a select group of potential ideal customers with whom you can build a quality relationship.

Establishing bHarmony is more comprehensive that just a leads database or CRM system, and we believe our success speaks for itself.  When you define and select student and/or prospect characteristics and match them to your ideal customer profile, you will increase those relationships using targeted valid business reasoning, applying thought provoking content/creative and digital marketing by standing out in the “eyes of the beholder.”  Sounds simple, but it’s harder than you think.

So on Valentine’s Day start finding, selecting and meeting with someone who you want to develop long term relationships with.

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